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Hi Fiber Beverage is a natural drink extracted from plants. It is concentrated with soluble plant fiber extracts. Being delicious and nourishing, it helps to promote easy digestion, and promote beautiful skin.


• Improves circulation
• Regulates bowel movements
• Prevents constipation
• Cleanses the intestine
• Controls blood glucose levels
• Lowers blood cholesterol levels and maintains HDL (good) cholesterol
• Prevents bad mouth odor

HI Fiber Beverage
“Offers herbal support for easy digestion and excretion”
Tiens Hi- Fiber Beverage is natural drink extracted from plants. It is concentrated with soluble plant fibre Extracts. It is delitious and nourishing and it helps to promote digestion, case feces excretion, prevents constipation.
The unique combination helps to you clean your digestive system and helps to eliminate toxins and wastes.
Ingedients :
Soluble Fiber
Citric Acid anhydrous
Mineral Compound
Sunset Yellow
Psyllium husk
Orange Flavour
L Sporogenes
Vit. Compound
Contents :
15 sachets per Packet
Recommended Usage :
Add one Sachet to a glass of cold water, stir well and serve immediately
• Cleans the Intestine
• Prevents Bad mouth odor
• Improves Circulation


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